Agents X Monsters is a mobile game you can play in the browser. 

Bêta: 3.4

Gameplay: You preview the map, see what monsters are in the level then equip the right objects to the player. When you press start, the character will move, jump and fight by itself. If you made the right decisions he will finish the level.

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I really like the art and the game, but I do wish that there were more fighting animations just to make the fights more than watching numbers go down :)

Thanks for playing Spoonizee =] Yeah animations is an important part of the game because we spend a long time just watching. I guess I'm delaying it because I know it'll take me a long time ha ha but it is on top of my list =]

ha ha I have trouble with procrastination sometimes too, I'm excited for the full release!

nice graphic. I like it.

Thank you arkman012 =]