Metal Hands with Guns is a 2D beat'em all/ physics based platform game.


- Move with the arrows and the up arrow to jump

- Press "E" to throw a punch

- "R" to push away objects in front of the player

-Hold "R" to attract objects

- Press "Return" to restart the level

-Press on the Spacebar in front of a character to start a dialogue

- Press "T" to use your super skill (only in level 6)


- Utiliser les flèches directionnelles pour bouger et la flèche du haut pour sauter

- Appuyer sur "E" pour lancer un coup de poing

- Appuyer sur "R" pour déplacer à distance les objets en face du personnage

- Maintenir "R" pour attirer des objets

- Appuyer sur "Entrée" pour recommencer le niveau

-Appuyer sur la barre d'espace près d'un personnage pour entamer une discussion.

- Appuyer sur "T" pour déclencher la super attaque (seulement dans le niveau 6)

Updates version 2.4.2:

-Graphic update !

Updates version 2.4:

- level 6 is playable

- new power, when R is hold we can attract objects

-enemies get red when we hit them

- enemies have half less health

- some tiny other stuff

Updates version 2.3:

- level 5 playable

-New Appearance and animations for the soldiers

-New design for the turrets.

- Some changes concerning the physics and the weight of objects.

- Change is camera size, now the camera is more far from the player

Updates version 2.2:

- Added a second tutorial to cover what the player can and can't interact with.

- Better AI, now the soldiers can chase the player more efficiently

- Two new animations

- Now the level restart after few seconds when the player is KO

- Some graphics changes, mainly on backrounf sprites and the character's colors.

Updates version 2.1:

Since the last build I redid the character's animations, drew some sprites and worked on the sound design. There's still no music but I added some sounds.

For the next build I'll try to add dialogues and to introduce the characters.

I also added two levels !

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Published126 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Beat 'em up, Colorful, Physics, Retro, sprites
Average sessionA few minutes

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