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Master of Disguise is a game I'm working on during my spare time. The main character is a balloon that can change form to pass obstacles that block his way. In the game there is no life bar and no death, the objective is to finish each level with the highest score.

The more the player pass obstacles in a fluid way, without stopping, the highest the score will be.

And about me, I'm a 25 years old former student in a video game school. Now I'm graduated and while I'm looking for a job, I work on several projects, Boon MoD is one of them.

Spreaking of the game, I did the sound design by myself but a friend helped me with the music by composing the theme of the game. Thanks Esteban! ;)

Here's a link to his web site: StudioPalladium.com

Here's a gameplay video:

The video is a month old I think, so the game seems nicer now.

You can follow the progress of the game on Twitter: @Eyon_Patrick

and check my portfolio here: eyonpatrick.wordpress.com

Please feel free to leave comments!

Ps: the game is built only for windows for now !

- new version :

* problem of the overlapping music solved

* problem of the too tiny text should be solved too !


MOD_2.2.1.rar 15 MB


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Cool concept. Love the music!